Service Offerings

Work & Learn from Home Spaces

I can help you achieve a comfortable and functional space to work or learn from home. The right space will help you increase productivity and stay sane!

General home organizing

An organized space can help you enjoy all the time you are spending at home. Imagine a more functional kitchen that inspires you to try a new recipe, a playroom that does not feel like the toys are taking over, or a bedroom that is a retreat. I can help you achieve your vision for a more organized home. 

I manage donations at no extra charge, providing you with a tax deductible receipt as applicable.

Home budget & bill pay

After getting a finance degree, I’ve worked over 15 years in financial management. I can create a home budget template for you and provide you with simple tools to help you organize your personal finances and achieve your financial goals*.

*I do not provide financial or investment advice. I provide organizational tools and templates to help you make informed decisions.


Selling your home? Let me help you get it ready to show.

Moving to a new home? I can pack your things in an organized way, to help ease the stress of unpacking. I can also help you unpack into your new home, finding a functional and beautiful “home” for all of your things.¬†

Storage Spaces

If your attic, garage, basement, or closet has become a dumping ground for everything, I can help. I will create a functional system for your storage spaces, that is simple and easy to maintain.

Electronic files

I had a dislike of paper before becoming paperless was a thing. I can help your digital world become organized so you don’t feel lost in the cloud.